Nurses and Doctors are wanted for Switzerland


Doctors & Nurses are wanted for Switzerland. For hospitals (private or public) and rehabilitation clinics.

*Interested for all specialties ( internal medicine, gynecology, orthopedic, surgery, oncology, intensive medicine)


-University Hospitals
-acute hospitals
-Center hospitals
-private hospitals
-regional hospitals
-rehabilitation clinics


-Candidates must hold European Union passport
-Must speak German. For Nurses minimum level is B2 and for Doctors C1. **For candidates that will need help with the language, there is also  a language academy program to obtain.
-Education: For Nurses, min Nursing School Certificate, BSc or MSc in Nursing, Midwifery. For Doctors, Doctor of Medicine (Dr. med.) + Diploma of Specialized Studies(Internal Medicine, Gynecologist, Surgery, Anesthesia)
-Experience. For Nurses either apprentices or experienced. For Doctors min 3-5 years of relevant experience


  1. A) For Nurses:

-apprentices ca. EURO 65’000 /year
-first experience ca. EURO 68’000 – 75’000 / year
-experienced & IMC ca. EURO 78’000 – 88’500 / year
-anesthesia, ca. EURO 90’000 bis 100’000 / year

  1. B) For Doctors:

-Specialist ca. EURO 140’000 – 180’000 /year
-Senior doctor ca. EURO 160’000 – 220’000 / year
-Chief physician ca. EURO 220’000 – 500’000 / year

*Salary can vary to location, hospital, region, specialization, responsibilities etc.

What’s Next?

If you would like to know more or you would like to apply for this truly exceptional opportunity, please contact us, attaching a copy of your CV in word format and with photo to:

We look forward to hearing from you. We need all documents which are available. Diplomas, references, confirmations, recommendations. In Switzerland a professional business photo is essential and common in the market!

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