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Gordon Charles Recruitment is a company dedicated to providing high-quality staffing in the London-based Catering / Tourism business.

Silver Lining HR Services, in 2015, entered into a merger and an exclusive collaboration contract for jobs, mainly in the field of Food, but also in a number of other areas.

Comments - Candidate Reviews

Manolis Varotsis, Hospitality, Turism & Management
“Dear Maria, I would like to thank Silver Lining Office and especially you for your help. You gave to me everything I needed and more than I expected, to find a perfect job and I am really thankful for that. I wish you all the best and I hope we will meet soon.”
Best Regards
Manolis Varotsis, Hospitality, Turism & Management
Ιωάννα Ευθυμιάδου, Σεφ, Loch Fyne Seafood Restaurants
” Last year at this time I was looking to see what I will do with work in winter. I sent my resume to the office Silver Lining HR Services and we arranged after talks, a final interview with the client. I remember first of all that Maria was present and that she encouraged us and telling us that everything will be fine! Immediately the next day you get the answer whether you are accepted or not, and from there on, you wait until they send you the offer with all the information you need to start preparing to depart. What I can say is that if you need Maria, she is there to help, from a small question that you may have to any crazy thing you can think of. Also very important is that the office does not have anything to gain economically from you, which they tell you from the beginning. I can say that I am very happy with all the handlings of Maria. If you too are looking for a job abroad, do not hesitate to speak with Maria! For me so far it was the best thing I did and I said why not, send your CV, you have nothing to lose, and from then on for me everything went according to plan! I came to England, I work in a restaurant chain called Loch Fyne and I am very happy with from all aspects (money-days off-hours-development)! So you also do not have to miss anything … just try it !!!”
Γεώργιος Ράπτης, Chef
Well, hello everyone! My name is George and I’m here, for four months now in England, specifically in Southampton, in Milbrook and of course directly responsible for this was Mrs Maria Tsimpiropoulou that encouraged me to do it after our first interview via skype and then from up close with the Employers in Athens. This office, in terms of my case (and for that I will talk) was very explicit and true. She said it all from the start with every detail, where  subsequently I saw it afterwards. Now, regarding Maria, words are unnecessary! There, focused on what she does and always close to us for anything we needed and at any time of the day talking on the phone with us and confort us the way only she knows! I thank her very much and do not hesitate; in these years that we live, Silver Lining HR Services and Maria Tsimpiropoulou, is a guarantee in this area. I tried it and I won! Your turn now! With appreciation and respect!”
Μαρία Καρατσιμακίδου, καθηγήτρια αγγλικών
Ms. Maria Tsimpiropoulou, I thank you from my heart for the excellent cooperation we have had. You handled the case of my son with LAS IGUANAS highly and he is now abroad in a very good position. Your agency SILVER LINING is a gem for our cityThanks and I wish you all the best in continuing the excellent work helping young unemployed people.”
Γιώργος Σικοβάρης, Σέφ, Park Plaza Hotels
After my collaboration with the office Silver Lining and Maria, all I can say is a big thank you and that I was 100% satisfied. Maria is flawless and a true professional in her work which is important and rare nowadays, especially in situations like these that you get the big decision to make the step and go somewhere else without knowing what you will meet. Still, Mary was always there, willing to help, support us and answer with patience and a smile to all questions that one can have of the unknown. And what is important for me is that I dodn’t have to give her a single penny because she just respects the fact that people is looking for work to make money, not to pay for it. Certainly in the future Iwill cooperate again with her because I trust her and now I consider her my friend.
“Dear Mrs Tsimiporopoulou, At a time when lack of trust and suspicion reign in the Greek labor market your office is an exception. By helping cover jobs inside and outside the borders of Greece, you have helped not only me but also my fellow human beings secure their right, which is nothing more than to work and hope for a better future. Besides, how can you dream if you do not feel safe and useful. Silver lining ... Through the cloudy landscape of Greek society that is portrayed daily through unemployment, uninsured work, lack of welfare and an increase in the escape of Greece's active population, a ray of light helps from the day of its creation to the indirect solution to the problem of finding work without frauds and bribes. This office is called Silver Lining and is located in the most relaxed city of Greece, Thessaloniki. I want to personally thank Mrs. Maria Tsimiporopoulou who is the reason I have a job today and hope for tomorrow. With the deep appreciation of a rising Professional Cook Varvaressos Dimitrios P.S. I hope the office continues to give hope and smiles to its candidates as it has in my case”
Ειρήνη Κολυριώτη, Αντιπρόσωπος καλλυντικών στην Ισπανία
” The lovely Maria Tsimpiropoulou is an exceptional person with a very positive atittude to always do the best for whoever asks her employment. With ethos, knowledge and honesty! Trust her!!!!!!”
Γιώργος Μηταλούλης, Restaurant Manager at Cosmo Restaurants, UK
It is very difficult to give to a review whatever positive you may think about a person that helped you free of charge and without arrogance and above all, friendly and understanding ……….. for me, my own theory was that the role of the agent ends with the closing a job; Maria convinced me that there is not only this hard business and lifeless yet deal ….. say it that our auras matchedsay it as you like,  but in a difficult time she found a vent in mydeadlock and for this I am in debt!”
Ελλάδα Ιωάννου, Μαγείρισσα στην επιχειρηση De Griekse Keuken, Βελγιο
” Proper professional and a human being! this says it all!  Five stars are not enough!”
Ειρήνη Κόρδα, Restaurant Manager in training, Opa Restaurant, Bath,UK
★★★★★ 5 for the professionalism 5 for the immediate response 5 for the organization 5 for the guideness 5 for the consistency Overall 5 +, especially a big thanks! Good luck!
Irakli Londaridze, Servis, Alt Hall Restaurant, Germany
Mrs Maria I would like to thank you again for everything you did for me, and of course I do not mean only the wonderful job you found me, but above all for your wonderful advices, your time and all the support I had from you. You are an excellent LADY and with no doubt a proper professional. Always be wellThank you again!”
George Baiatu, Commis Chef, Celtic Manor Resort, UK
“Professionalism at its best: all that you wish and hope for from a recruitment company you’ll find at Silver Lining HR Services, in the person of Mrs. Maria. I was treated very well, quickly and promptly and in a very short time I got a job at 5* luxury hotel in UK.. I really appreciate what you did for me. Thank you for everything. “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.
Triantafyllos Chatzispyrou, Restaurant Supervisor, Cameron House Hotel, Scotland
“Excellent ability of professional judging, waiting for further cooperation”!
Ιωάννα Κουζμίδου, chef de partie, “The Swan” Hotel, Bubury, UK
Maria there is one thing I have to say ….. even if we did not send a group picture because we are “whatever the wind blows”, you are one of the best people I’ve ever met …. you do not care only about the money as all the rest, but you care for us to be well first, and you treat us as your children ….. personally speaking, you were the person-“station”, which helped to enable start carrying all my dreams come true, and I do not know how I will manage to repay you someday ….. I need to write it everywhere, so that people can know that you really deserve the best and that even if we were relatives,  you would not treat us so well…. You are a lovable person, who cares about others, who cares about us being well, who helps us ….. for this you deserve every progress, happiness and tranquility …. all this time I have not said everything I feel for you, because I am “drowning” in my beloved job, the one you offered me ….. Know  Maria that for all the years I live I will always owe you and that if you need anything, whether it is difficult or easy, I will always be there whenever you call me …. because it was not the job that you found for me, but the experiences, the people, and places that I met because of you …..you make people happy with the help you provide …. you are from the people that this earth need to exist …. not because we can do it alone, but because people like you, make the world a better place. …. be well Maria. …. Have health and happiness, I wish it with all my heart …. we may never met face to face, but I can say that I love you. … you are an amazing human being. …. keep on going ..”
” To say how I feel a few days before I depart to England, is not enough ….. I’m not good at saying much, to make a description ….. the only thing I have to say, is that a lady by the name Maria Tsimpiropoulou and her office, as well as its partners, GORDON CHARLES, believed in me …… did what seemed impossible….the dream a REALITY ….. but to tell her thank you is not enough; thank you to her and her associates …. all I can say is a big, true THANKS ….. MARIA makes your dreams a reality… just listen to her in whatever she says …. .and in the end your dream will come true…”
Παναγιώτης Τόγιας, Commis Chef, Lickfold Inn, West Sussex, UK
” Words are unnecessary for a person who makes your dreams come trueespecially when all you have to do is simply listen carefully to what she says to you and do itWhoever has taken the decision to take the next step abroad, trust the agency with eyes closed and you will come out a winner…”
Μιχάλης Βασματζής, Σεφ
“Truly a remarkable success. It is due to the selflessness of helping your fellow man. It is one of the few companies who actually cares to help and does not see the need of the other as a case to profit money. Besides, as she has repeatedly stated,  Maria Tsimpiropoulou does not get paid from the candidate. I have personally met Maria and all I can say is that when you talk with her, she really is a PROFESSIONAL. She will not “engold the pill” neither will present the option to work out as “rosy”. At the times we live she could exploit the huge demand and perhaps make money from the pain of the other. I personaly recommend to anyone who decides to go outside the country to work, to trust the agency and the partners of Maria and he/she will not lose.”
Νίκος Σιλαϊδος, Μάγειρας, The Swan Hotel, UK
“Mrs Maria, I have no account on facebook, but I would like you to transfer this to your page. I would like to thank you for this great opportunity for my career that your office gave me, but basically to thank you personally. I would like to inform anyone who is thinking about emigrating in England that the office would be a very good choice, thinking also that there is not a financial burden and also the valuable help that comes at a personal level. And say the following: Things are not at all easy in England, but surely your efforts will be worthwhile. New culture, new encounters, but above all meritocracy, which is missing from our country. Those who think about it, get ready to work ther; a lot and it is demanding. Life is beautiful if you love the Western way of life. But above all, and to encourage you, you deserve to have this experience in your life and in your resume. ”
Σοφία Μουλινού-Αναγνώστρια
“With her positive attitude, explaining things they way they are,  she builds relationships of trust and makes the difference”.
Sebastian Mircea-Chef
Ευάγγελος Τζόρτζης, Chef at Celtic Manor 5* Resort, Wales
“A few words and good ones… If you are a professional and you know what you want, this agency and Maria in particular is someone that you want to have by your side. Straight forward words from the beginning that reflect reality. Suppport and interest in whatever you need. I am speaking of course from personal cooperation experience…. Thank you very much!!!!”
Sofia Londaridze, υποψήφια
“Very professional and understating. Fast response and guidance along the way. Excellent opportunities for highly skilled individuals.”
Κώστας Αρχοντάκης, Σεφ Disneyworld, Παρίσι, Γαλλία
“Maria Tsimpiropoulou is very giving and passionate with her work. She is guiding people to suitable cooperations so noone can come out losing ( if one wants to really work as well)”.
Βαγγέλης Αδαμαντίδης, οδηγός, Newcastle, UK
“A big thanks to Maria, she helped me in the best way to go to Great Britain where I still reside, she opened for me new working horizons, and was my ticket for a new life. Now after two years I have a significant and decent job… thanks to Maria. Maria thank you”.
Γιάννης Ιωάννου, Σεφ, Γλασκώβη, UK
” The route to success !!! ⭐️
Ελένη Αρβανίτη, Μανατζερ, “My Cafe'” Restaurant, Manama, Bahrain
We are not talking about a person that simply finds you work, arranging interviews and seats behind a desk seeing people only as numbers and profit… She is personaly for me my girl, my support…always there in the difficulties to be sad with me, and in the good times to be happy and joke with me …and no matter how tired she is, she will find 5 minutes to talk to me when I need her… So what is Maria Tsimpiropoulou? Recruitment agent or family ???? And I answer :::: Maria is family …. I love you and I thank you
Ελένη Αρβανίτη
Μανατζερ, “My Cafe'” Restaurant, Manama, Bahrain
It is a rare phenomenon to meet people who have an appetite to help their fellow human beings for a better tomorrow … Maria is one of those rare people who will not only help you, but they will also insist more than you, so you can make it and win. All I can say without a lot of words, I feel very lucky that God brought her to my way … I hope that other people will have the chance to get to know this person and to work with her … Maria just thank you …!
Julio Skalla
Commis Waiter, L’Ortolan Restaurant, UK
A big THANKS… I think that is not enough though in front of all that Maria showed me that she worths! Honestly I was impressed by the interest she showed, her trust, her immediate help in everything I needed, without anything in return from my side! Personally I did not find a job abroad but in Rhodes island…I sent my cv in the afternoon and the next day in the morning I went for an interview and closed the job! But the issue is not only if a cooperation will be fruitfull, but also the way it is offered to you! I wish always good health and successes! Well done for the very good and transperant job you do! Keep helping people finding a job and God will repay you for all that!!